Rogue (Tru Exceptions - Christian Romantic Suspense Book 4)Rogue by Amanda Tru
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Rogue by Amanda Tru. I cannot explain how much I love the stories by Amanda. This inspirational romantic suspense series has captured me with the characters and the plot twists. Amanda is a go-to author for me. I have to plan to read her books on the weekend though because I know I will not want to put it down. I hope she will continue the series.

You can read Rogue as a standalone novel but I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning with Baggage Claim. Rachel and Dawson started the series and were the main characters in the first three novels. We meet Kelsey and Garrett in the series and Rogue is their story. Rachel and Dawson play an active role too. The opening scene grabbed my attention which was not surprising; Amanda has a track record of doing that.
Kelsey is a Homeland Security agent sent to bring in Garrett, a fellow agent. Instead of bringing him in she ends up on the run with him. Only two people know why Kelsey is not a field agent. I loved the friendship between Kelsey and Rachel and their code.

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