Donna Michaels was the only author I had read when I signed up for Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together. Before registering, I read and reviewed Her Secret Ranger and Army Ranger with Benefits. I am a fan of military romance even if they are retired military. These are part of the Men at Ease Ranch and they are romantic comedies.  When Donna agreed to an author interview with me, I was thrilled.

In the interview, Donna shares about writing humor in books and writing from the male point of view. In addition, she shares a few things from her personal life that she has integrated into her books.  She writes in several genres to include romantic suspense, romantic comedy and paranormal.

Donna Michaels Author Interview at RAGT18

Facebook Live interview with Donna Michaels at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together

Author Bio:

It’s all my mother’s fault.

She read to me before I could read and opened up that magical world where I still reside today. Then came television and movies. Now I had three avenues to feed my imagination…and boy could I eat! As you no doubt figured out, this led to my writing career.

After several starts in between having a son, twin sons, then a daughter, I didn’t get serious until my youngest child entered 1st grade. Now, I’m multi-published with several publisher and self-published in e-Book and print with a ton of voices in my head. I love those voices! They helped me win awards and become a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author. Hope they never stop!

I’m happily married to a military man for 28 years. We have four children and several rescued cats. Michael’s been in the Army National Guard since before he graduated. The Guard has been a part of our lives right from the start. It was only natural for the military to spill into my writing. God bless the military and their families. Thank you all for your sacrifices. ♥

You already know my mom inspired my love of reading,but it was my dad who got me hooked on movies. Even now, if I had the time, I could happily go from one movie to another all day long. They are the reason I love mixed genre and why I can’t just stick to just one in my writing, although, as you can tell, I have a soft spot for cowboys and the military.