Donna Interviews Stephanie Broersma

Reclaimed is here to walk you through your season of brokenness. To support you with authentic tools and scripture-based guidance that supports you and meets you exactly where you are. My name is Stephanie and I also have come from a place of dark despair. I created these materials to guide you on the path to wholeness and living a redeemed identity.

Stephanie Broersma lived a charmed life . . . until the day she discovered a deleted online conversation between her husband and another woman. When confronted, he confessed to a ten-year addiction to pornography and multiple affairs. Yet even as her world crumbled, Stephanie refused to allow Satan to turn her marriage into another dismal statistic.

A practical guide for a broken heart, sensible steps to heal and restore, a highly personal journey she honestly shares with others, and gets results. Marriage counselors should keep this book on their desks, churches should use this book as a guideline for interactive small groups, and individuals can find help and hope in…

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