Chloe Boston is a meter maid — so why is she running all over town collecting stray turkeys? And why is she involved in another murder investigation?

The turkeys were an accident, but the death of a visitor to the town certainly was not — and it seems as though all the suspects are involved with Chloe’s family in some way. Chloe has to feed all her house guests, play maid of honor to one of the suspects, and handle her own love life — and at the same time, she has to do her part in the murder investigation while trying to direct attention somewhere less close to home.

Jackson’s Chloe Boston series is always filled with wry humor and likable characters, and this book’s Thanksgiving setting makes a good cozy mystery even cozier. The plot is light and funny without being entirely implausible, and the complications of small town politics are handled with wit and compassion.

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