Join us for a enlightening interview with Dawn Owens, author of Like Me or Not; Overcoming Approval Addition.  Interviewing with Dawn felt like you were chatting with a girlfriend at a coffee shop.

Dawn Owens

The book made its beginnings over 7 years ago as Dawn was realizing how approval addition was impacting her life. In addition, as part of her day job she was seeing people that did not understand their identity.

The main idea in Like Me or Not that Dawn wants people to know is that God already approves of you when you accept Christ.

Dawn is vulnerable and authentic in the book.  She reveals that she shared more in the book than she planned. As a result those are sometimes the chapters that people relate to the most.

Dawn laughs about the parallel of writing and marketing a book and the approval addition.

The book is a tangible and practical way to work through approval addiction. Like Me or Not will help you realize when you are in the approval addiction cycle and how to break it.

If you missed our live interview in Nashville, I recommend watching the replay below.

Like Me Or Not: Overcoming Approval Addiction

Like me or notThere is a difference between being someone other people like and being defined by what others think. Some people are so addicted to approval that their lives spiral out of control creating discontent, depression, and alienation. Recovering approval addict Dawn Owens identifies all the ways craving approval can negatively impact our lives, and offers sound, biblical strategies to overcome them. Using her own and other’s stories as relatable examples, Owens shares the journey to an identity found only in Christ.

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Dawn Owens

Dawn OwensDawn Owens is the founder and executive director of The Link of Cullman County, a ministry addressing poverty founded in March 2012 that serves over three thousand people a year in twenty-three locations. She has a B.A. in Professional Writing and an M.Ed in Education from Kutztown University as well as seminary training from Cincinnati Christian University. Dawn blogs regularly at and is the host of “Lunch at the Link,” a radio show on Praise 97.9 FM. She lives with her husband and son in Cullman, Alabama.

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