Dating the DevilLucy is living in a closet — literally — in a New York apartment with two roommates, working 50 hours a week at a PR firm with two workers and one client, dating one loser after another. She controls her envy of her roomies pretty well, but when she meets Lewis she can hardly believe her luck. How could he have been interested in an ordinary girl like her?

Lewis is handsome, debonair, sophisticated, wealthy, and sexually skillful. He also happens to be the earthly manifestation of Satan.

You’d think that would be the end of the story, or at least the end of the relationship. Nope. Romeo manages to suggest that dating Satan is just another example of accepting the one you love with all his flaws, much like coping with the knowledge that your special guy has an unappealing job.

Dating Satan isn’t really comparable to dating a garbage collector, though, is it?

We’re also expected to accept that Lucy is a paragon of virtue (this is what the Devil finds so appealing) in spite of her excessive drinking and casual sexual behavior, largely because she thinks twice about stealing.

If you can roll with the concept, you’ll find this a fun read with plenty of fashion details, pert dialogue, and likeable characters.