Anchored is targeted for leaders when they have experienced a difficult situation.  Ten years ago Cynthia Cavanaugh and her husband found themselves it what they would call a perfect storm.  It is when three storms come together.  For her Cynthia Cavanaughlife it was three things in their lives that built up at one time.   She shares about separating from her husband for a short time.  Since he was a pastor there was the added concern that he could lose his job.   Cynthia struggled with who could she talk to because they were in ministry.  The book was birthed from this situation.

Cynthia’s passion is leadership and providing skills for leaders. One of the chapters is about disagreements.  Cynthia shares the story about Paul and Barnabas and how it can relate to today.  Cynthia’s purpose for the book is to help leaders know that they are not alone.


Anchored encourages ministry leaders to lead with integrity in the midst of difficult life storms. Sharing personal Anchoredexamples, ministry leader and pastor’s wife Cynthia Cavanaugh equips believers with the biblical and leadership principles necessary to maintain influence and to courageously remain anchored to the Rock—Jesus Christ. So when those storms come, and they will, you’ll know how to deal with that deep question: how can I lead in the midst of this storm and keep my witness intact?

What others are saying:

Anchored is a powerful resource for all ministry leaders. With tender honesty and gut-wrenching transparency, Cynthia Cavanaugh reveals the struggles we face in the midst of leading and the only way we can make it through the storms of life successfully. She consistently points her readers to biblical truth, practical strategies, and life-changing choices that lead to healing, restoration, and hope for the future. Every Christian leader should read this book.” —Carol Kent, speaker and author,He Holds My Hand: Experiencing God’s Presence and Protection


“Every leader has faced personal crisis, but not every leader has survived. Cynthia Cavanaugh has not only weathered the storm but has learned the essential secrets of staying anchored even in the storm. Writing authentically, Cynthia invites you into her journey and shows you how to put practices in place to keep you anchored in the crises of life. If you’re in any type of leadership role and are longing to leave a godly legacy, this book is a must-read!” —Becky Harling, international speaker, leadership coach, and author of How to Listen So People Will Talk

Cynthia Cavanaugh

Author, speaker, Life Coach and Leadership Influencer. I am a truth seeker, dream giver and love inspiring others cynthia cavanaughto flourish. In the past few years I’ve realized that as an influencer my desire is to live bold for Jesus Christ and leave a legacy for others.

It is a privilege to share with others about my own life journey. Like most people, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. One of my core values is “no pain is wasted.” Clinical depression, performance issues, marriage struggles and fearful insecurities have been some of my not so desirable companions on the journey. However, they have out of desperation pointed the way to ironclad promises from God and the Bible. My desire is to live bold for Jesus inspite of my own insecurities and fears. I am passionate about empowering others to live out their potential. I love writing and teaching God’s truth, being a Life Coach, and speaking at conferences and retreats. One of my more recent ventures is teaching leadership to international and adult students as an adjunct professor at Trinity Western University.

In contrast to my serious side, sometimes my friends can’t believe the creative therapy I make time for. My creative therapy includes knitting, giving parties and maybe tackling a big project like sewing a wedding dress, just because. Connecting with a friend, indulging in fine chocolate and shopping for shoes with a girlfriend makes me smile!

Unashamedly, I love Jesus and doing life with my big, loud and sometimes crazy family. This includes my faithful husband, three amazing sons, their beautiful wives, AND our grandchildren.