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Russ Wallace is life-long student of
history, religion, politics, and social issues. As an instructor, he
came to value the critical thinking so necessary to navigate the
minefields of propaganda while searching for truths. As a world
traveler, Russ learned the opposing views and prejudices underlying many
of the problems in human society, ancient and modern.
He employs a vivid imagination to fill in
the life of Zenobia, a real historical figure and one of the most
fascinating women who ever lived. He is working on future books in the
Zenobia book series.
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Let’s find out a little about the book before we see the cover. 
continuing saga of Zenobia, a deadly young Syrian warrior who will one day
challenge Rome. As the dynamic girl continues her education in Egypt, for a
time she is diverted from her warrior path. Learning of a slave trade in
kidnapped young women, Zenobia determines to free the oppressed. Warrior skills
will not be enough. Her new challenge – to become a pirate, then a temptress in
her fight for justice.
Grab your copy of the first book in the series, Zenobia: Birth of A Legend, and book two, Zenobia: Challenging A Legend, when it’s available.


And here it is!


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