Terry Pratchett has created an entire world of fantasy in his Discworld series, and the books take place in different parts of this world. Carpe Jugulum is set in Lancre, a rural country where witches are really in charge.

There is a king, though, and he is so excited about the new royal baby that he’s having a big party to celebrate — and has made a couple of little mistakes, like inviting the vampires and failing to follow up on the invitation of the chief witch, who thinks she’s been overlooked.

That’s giving the baby a rocky start, and diplomacy isn’t exactly the long suit of any of the rulers of Lancre, so the witches will have to step in to help… but they’re having their own troubles.

The rollicking story is enriched by conflicts between the modern and old school vampires, between the witches and a traveling preacher, and between the Nac mac Feegle (magical little people) and everybody.

Like all the books in the series, Carpe Jugulum is thought-provoking and well written. It makes a great follow up to Wyrd Sisters.