Ben’s talent and Kate’s sweet voice make them the perfect match-but Kate’s mother is determined to keep them apart.

In 1854, the winds of change blow through Ohio, where free state borders slave state. By day, Ben Hanby is a talented musician who directs musicals for his Westerville college. By night, he secretly aids fugitives on the Underground Railroad.

When Ben casts lovely Kate Winter to sing in his latest show, they find they share a love for music and ideas. But Kate’s mother wants her daughter to marry a rich man. Ben has given his life to God, not to the pursuit of wealth.

Kate Winter will be the first female graduate of Otterbein College, and every young man in town courts her. But Kate’s dark family secrets leave her unspeakably shy. When Kate joins the Hanbys in their dangerous work on the Underground Railroad, she finds her courage and her voice. Can Ben and Kate find a way to be together in spite of the obstacle of Kate’s family?