During a turbulent storm, a child is found on the beach, washed up from the ocean. Making matters worse-the girl can’t speak.

Lantern Beach Police Chief Cassidy Chambers can feel the danger lurking around them. As more mysterious incidents happen on the island, Cassidy fears each crime is somehow connected to this child-a child no one has reported missing.

Cassidy knows the girl’s life depends on finding answers. With the help of her husband, Ty, a former Navy SEAL, she scrambles to discover what exactly is going on.

Someone appears to be playing a deadly version of hide-and-seek-and using the girl as a pawn. But what will happen when the game finally ends?

*Hide and Seek is the first book in a three book series. Though the main storyline of each book will be wrapped up at the end, some plot lines will not be resolved until the end of book three.*

The Lantern Beach Guardian Series:
Hide and Seek
Shock and Awe
Safe and Sound