Do you want your children to honor, celebrate, and see the beauty in our differences?

We are all different. And whilst children are often wonderful at accepting differences easily, there are times when a lack of understanding can result in hurtful words or actions. As adults, it is our responsibility to teach children that differences are not flaws but are, in fact, our super powers.

Lisa, a primary school student with a love of singing, learns just that in ‘Acceptance is my Superpower’ when a cruel comment from someone she regards as a friend leads her down a path of discovery of the true meaning of diversity and how it can be applied to everyone.

Laid out as a charming poem with colourful illustrations, children will delight in learning:

– How to love themselves

– How to accept others

– How to control negative emotions

– How to share their newfound knowledge

Learning by example

The examples in this story are there to teach children that their differences are not to be ridiculed but instead, celebrated. When Lisa learns this valuable lesson in the book and then shares that knowledge with the person who upset her, we realise the importance of helping children understand the world would be a very boring place indeed if we were all the same.

“Just like all the petals on all these different flowers,

Diversity is beautiful and gives us superpowers!”

Please join me and Lucas spread the word to all you know,

Acceptance is our superpower and together we will grow.

From the bestselling author of Kindness is my Superpower

Join Lisa and Lucas, as together, they learn the most valuable lesson of all – they have a superpower – their acceptance.

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