bonnieEmily Andrew-Miceli and her dishy husband Etienne are tour guides shepherding a group of elderly Midwestern Geocachers through Scotland. Their group is goofy but fun — till people begin to explode.

At least that’s what the medical examiners of rural Scotland say it looks like when they perform post mortems on the first two victims. Is it a particularly fierce Geocaching rivalry that has led to the deaths of the feisty old ladies? Is it a comically inept pair of kilted hit men? Maybe it’s an ancient Scottish dagger with its own accompanying curse.

Emily is an impulsive creature, and her idea for putting an end to the killing spree creates a slapstick grand finale that has to be read to be appreciated.

Along the way, there’s lots of description of the sights for armchair travelers to enjoy, tidbits of Scottish history, and snappy dialogue — plus witty observations on life. The cell phone motif alone makes the book a wonderful commentary on modern society.

This is one of a series, but there’s no sense that you’ve missed something if you start with this one. You’ll probably want to go back and read the others.