beowulfBeowulf by Ronie Kendig is her most emotionally charged book to date.  For readers who have been reading the A Breed Apart series, they have experienced the tension between Tony  ‘Candyman’ VanAllen and Timbrel.  Beowulf, the third book in the series is their story.  Lance Burton calls in Timbrel who is a dog handler for A Breed Apart and Beowulf, her explosive detection dog, to assist Dean Waters and his team with hunting for explosives in Afghanistan.  This means she will be working with Candyman again.  Candyman has been enthralled with Timbrel since first meeting her.  He is witty and charming and has the patience and forgiveness of a saint.  Timbrel definitely tests most of those qualities in him; more than once.   

 On their first mission Beowulf gets a hit at a book publisher which incites a lot of action.  Beowolf’s hit is questioned as to if It is a true hit or a mistake?   Candyman and his team are sent home for a break.  In these scenes the reader gets to see how PTSD effects soldiers as we see Candyman’s dad suffer from it.  Kendig has an amazing ability to bring to life the realism of war and its effects on the soldiers and their families.   The reader is introduced to Tony’s sister and brother which adds another dynamic to the story. 


In Beowulf we also get to understand Timbrel’s past and how it has impacted her relationships and attitude toward men.  Much is revealed and including a family member and the need to get all dressed up for a fundraiser for A Breed Apart.  The bond between Timbrel and Beowulf is remarkable.  Beowulf is a hulky, brindle-coated bullmastiff and the only man Timbrel wants in her life.   He can sense her moods and knows how to support her.  These scenes are a great transition to introducing Rika who works with PSTD patients. 

 Tragedy threatens Tony’s career and his relationship with those closest to him. 

In Kendig fashion she brings the villains to life as writes from their point of view.  You understand the truly evil and the struggle to decipher good vs evil in a war torn world.  

 Beowulf re-engages with some of the characters from the previous books.  Dane & Aspen  and Heath & Darci will take part in some of the activities.

The plot is engaging and suspenseful.  The scenes are action packed both in Afghanistan and on the home front.   The characters were believable and likeable.  The dialogue is realistic and witty.  Candyman is a hero in every sense.    Kendig writes military fiction with remarkable authenticity