Kyle Miller is a successful writer with a Christmas demon that is giving him writer’s block: the death of his mother 22 years ago on Christmas Eve. His family is demanding that he host the annual family Christmas (it’s been his turn for years), but he doesn’t think he can do it. His deadline looms, his writer’s block won’t budge, and the memory of his beloved Mama turns every hint of Christmas spirit into sadness.

Lexi Anderson is a successful home and garden TV show hostess with some demons of her own. She lost her own parents and rushed into an unwise marriage in an attempt to replace them. Divorce left her and her two children bereft and financially insecure, and she has finally worked her way into security. It has become her mantra: “Safe. Secure. Single.”

This year, they happen to live next to each other. When Lexi ends up hosting  Christmas for Kyle’s family, change is in the air for both of them as they learn to face their fears and move forward with their lives.

This is a competent light romance.

Enjoy an excerpt from the book.