Brenda Maxfield is a high school teacher and grandmother, author of a teenage romance series. Her most recent novella, Someday You’ll Laugh, tells Brenda’s own true love story. We don’t want to give away the ending so we won’t tell you more about Brenda’s life! Be sure to connect with her on Facebook or at her website.

MTAR: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Brenda Maxfield: I’d love to! I’m both a writer and a high school teacher. I married my college sweetheart, and we have two great children. A few months ago, I became Koko (meaning “grandma” in Lingala) to a beautiful little boy adopted from Congo. (Don’t get me started on him!! He’s the absolute greatest.) I’ve lived in Honduras, Grand Cayman, and Costa Rica, and part of my heart still resides in Latin America.

MTAR: Can you tell us about your latest release?
Brenda Maxfield: Someday You’ll Laugh. I must admit it was a total kick to write this one as it’s my own love story.

MTAR: What inspired you to write your own love story?
Brenda Maxfield: My publisher, Astraea Press, had a call-out for true love stories. I couldn’t resist. Then when I began, I had so much fun I wondered why I hadn’t written the novella a long time ago.

MTAR: How long did it take before you could laugh about it?
Brenda Maxfield: Oooooo. A long time. A very long time. Well, I laughed on the outside, but inside, I felt sort of cheated. This wasn’t in the book, but I didn’t even attend my own rehearsal dinner and party. Instead, I was slumped on my fiance’s childhood bed, running to the bathroom every few minutes, sick.
I’ve started laughing now! Finally. It is amusing in a quirky sort of way.

MTAR: Which book do you recommend for a reader that is new to your writing?
Brenda Maxfield: I think they’d love Someday You’ll Laugh — it’s a quick, fun, romantic read. If readers are more interested in a young adult contemporary series, they can start with The Lance Temptation. I had fun creating the Edgemont world with all the high school drama and heartache. Book two is out from that series (Along Came Jordan), and book three (Farah’s Deadline) is coming in September. I’ve intentionally written this series as good, clean, teen reads, so there’s no embarrassment factor.

MTAR: Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?
Brenda Maxfield: I find that my books gravitate toward girls/females finding their own power. I love that theme. As a teacher, I encourage my high school students to know themselves and stand up for their dreams — which is sometimes much harder than anticipated.

MTAR: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Brenda Maxfield: Sometimes, there truly is a blessing in disaster!

MTAR: What book are you reading now?
Brenda Maxfield: I’m reading Fallen Star by Jim Cangany and The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass.

MTAR: If you were a super hero, what would be your superpower?
Brenda Maxfield: I’d love to be a super hero who miraculously stretches the day a few hours longer! Ha! Oh, and those few extra hours come with sunlight!!

MTAR: What makes you laugh?
Brenda Maxfield: I adore watching romantic comedies. The other day, my husband and I watched Internship (not exactly a romantic comedy, but still…) and I cracked up out loud more than once. I love that!!

MTAR: What would your fans be surprised to know about you?
Brenda Maxfield: I appreciate my fans so much! They’re my inspiration and my motivation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. People who know me in person would probably be surprised to know that I’m really an introvert. In public, I come off as gregarious and right out there, but I need my alone time — without it, I get downright pathetic. (Like most writers, I think!)