IMG_5926[1]You hear stories about women infighting to make it to the top in the business world.  Well this is NOT Bombshell Amber.  She was overwhelming in her support of More Than a Review and Rocket2Success.  Watching her interview will motivate and inspire you.  She radiates charisma, joy and confidence.  I want to be Amber when I grow up!!!! Even if she is younger than me 🙂

Join us as Amber explains what it means to be a Bombshell.  She also shares her favorite technology tool.



  • Why is someone considered a Bombshell – confidence
  • Search a hashtag for the event beforehand so you can start a conversation before the conference
  • Use the List function in Twitter, it helps you seen as an influencer
  • What helps you know if something is a calling?  Divinely Discontented
  • Wilma Flintstone in a Jane Jetson world

The Bombshell Business Woman: How to become a bold, brave female entrepreneur

Amber HurdleAmber Bio

Amber Hurdle, Brand Strategist & Leadership Consultant is author of The Bombshell Business Womanand host of the Bombshell Business Podcast. She helps highly-driven companies create and sustain unforgettable, premium brand experiences for their customers.

She uses her accelerated experience as a teen mom-turned-organizational miracle worker to help companies position themselves for rapid growth. She helps her clients define, refine, and exude their premium brands so they can meet their clients’ high, seasoned expectations.

Her wide variety of experiences across many entrepreneurial, corporate, and institutional cultures have provided her with multiple viewpoints to expertly approach brand claritybrand messagingrebranding, and brand leadership.She knows what works and what doesn’t, and can help your business steal the show.

bombshell businessBook Description:   A Bombshell Business woman at her best stands proud in who she is and what she offers, abandoning the whirlwind of uncertainty. She embraces a fearless, unapologetic expectation to be compensated for sharing her God-given gifts and knowledge by understanding her profit center and the results she delivers. A Bombshell commands attention for her business with consistent branding and simple, targeted marketing, attracting the right customers who fall in love with her brand experience. Her business allows her to live life on her terms so she can enjoy her family, her friends, and her abundant life.

You are a Bombshell. You might just need to learn how to embrace your inner Bombshell without falling out of balance, feeling overwhelmed, or allowing your business to run you.

This book will serve as your guide to do just that. You will walk through the steps to get super clear on who you are and what you want your business to be known for. You will learn practical strategies and discover tools so you can take action with confidence, while ensuring your priorities always align with your vision and goals. With easy-to-digest business advice and real stories that will inspire you to step into who God designed you to be, you will join the Bombshell movement and become a bold, brave, and successful fempreneur.

Connect with Amber:

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  • Twitter: (@amberhurdle)
  • Facebook: (@amberhurdlefan)
  • Instagram: @bombshellbiz