As we approach the holiday shopping season, I want to share some of my favorite online places to shop. I also share some of my experiences with them and why I like them.

In full disclosure, More Than a Review has affiliate links with these sites. What that means is that if you click from More Than a Review and go to their site; More Than a Review will receive a small (but much appreciated) commission. Don’t be concerned that we are big brother (or sister in this case:)  We cannot see who makes a purchase or what is purchased.  We just get a lump sum commission check each month and a report for the actual websites that were used.

Adidas -My favorite running pants that do NOT slide down. This is very important when running.

Barnes and Noble – I use an ipad so either book format works for me. I also like to root for the underdog and they seem to be that in the book industry. – Great website for christian books and they run a lot of sales.  You can always find a great deal.

eBay – You can order almost anything through here. I think my husband is my biggest source of commission from this site 🙂  I have a quick link to ebay on my home page. – My favorite t-shirts and flannels are from Eddie Bauer. – I am a loyal Expedia customer.  They have helped me BIG time twice.  Once when I was in a city in Germany with no hotels available. Another time they refunded all of my money when I canceled a vacation trip when my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Harry & David – great gift ideas

Hot Topic – They sell Wonder Woman stuff! – My friend, Candace just introduced me to this online boutique that has great deals on all types of clothing, shoes, etc. – Another great place to get physical books and they beat Amazon prices more often than you might think.

Zappos – shoes, active wear, etc,  Free returns and excellent customer service.

The affiliate funds keep More Than a Review running and free to all users.

Thank you for considering using some of my favorite places and allowing More Than a Review to receive a commission.