Kim de Blecourt, author of I Call You Mine has a passion for adoption.  I Call You Mine is a 6 week bible study on the topic of adoption. Not just adoption of children but also the adoption of us into God’s family.

In addition, Kim shares that we are at a crisis point for adoptions. In 2004 adoptions were at a peak of 22000 a month. Surprisingly international adoptions and in country adoptions have the same trends.

Also, Kim shares about the adoption of one of her sons from the Ukraine. It took them over a year to bring him home.

Kim wants to remind all of us, including the church that we are the answer to the orphan crisis. Through the church we can solve the orphan crisis. Churches are on every corner and have the ability to impact so many of the orphans.

Kim was intentional on who she wanted the book to touch. It is for those that are in the pre-adoption stage, post adoption stage and those that are new to their faith.

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I call you mine, adoptionBook Description:

I Call You Mine is a six-week study focused on realizing the incredible spiritual insights available to those who embrace God’s heart of adoption. Just as Jesus used stories to engage and teach, the Scripture passages and personal stories in this study uncover greater truths about adoption as God’s children. Caring for the fatherless is a privilege believers have that sets us apart. The perspective gained when working with God in this way is humbling—we realize anew what it means to be chosen and redeemed.