As promised, here is an excerpt from Ruth’s book “Better Than Catnip“.  Enjoy!!


Roxy was just around the corner. They couldn’t see her, but she heard every word. She fumed. If they weren’t interested in a cat, she wasn’t going to just stand there while they wasted time, waiting for their movie to start at the nearby theatre. They could waste time somewhere else. This wasn’t a train station, after all. She’d run across this before and she wouldn’t stand for it. Pasting a smile on her face, she turned the corner.

“Well, have you folks decided which one you’d like to take home today?”

The shorthaired blonde woman looked startled. The man frowned and said, “No. As I said before, we’re just looking.”

Roxy wasn’t deterred. “But we’re having a special today. Buy one get one free. You could go home today with two cats of your very own.” She smiled and clapped her hands. “Won’t that be fun?”

He shook his head. “No. Thank you.”

She stepped closer to them. “I’ll even throw in some free litter and cat food.” She gave them a toothy grin.

The man lowered his eyebrows. He shook his head again.

“How about a lifetime supply of hairball ointment? Can never have too much of that, right? Cause cats do tend to upchuck when they over-groom. All over the house. It’s not much fun to step in one of those piles. Especially in bare feet. It squishes between your toes.” That ought to do it.

The man’s face turned red. He grabbed a hold of his son’s hand, eyed his wife until she picked up their daughter and stormed past Roxy. She stayed where she was until she heard the front door open and slam shut. She grinned. They had no idea how long she’d been in this business. They had no idea who they’d gone up against. Amateurs.

Come back real soon. Not!