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Marriage Hurt by Pornography
Jenny Solomon encourages wives as
they bring their grief and pain to God
Greensboro, NC—A 2014 Barna Group Survey found that 64 percent of Christian men and 15 percent of Christian women view porn at least once a month. Sadly, the numbers are probably much higher than reported. More wives than you realize are facing the isolation and degradation that pornography brings into a marriage. In Reclaim Your Marriage: Grace for Wives Who Have Been Hurt by Pornography (New Growth Press/April 25, 2022)Jenny Solomon comes alongside hurting wives and gently encourages them to bring their pain to God, who is able to reclaim their marriage.When your husband struggles with pornography, your world is shattered. Where can you go with your grief, insecurities, fear, and even anger? There are many resources available to help men in their struggle, but very few available for wives.  For many years, Solomon looked for books from a woman’s perspective as she dealt with how her husband’s porn use affected her own marriage. She would eventually gain the courage to write the kind of resource she never could find and helps each of her readers to rest in God’s love while taking one brave step at a time to care of her family and herself.“When married men consume porn their wives become collateral damage. This results in difficulties such as grief, body image distortion, hopelessness, and vengeful thoughts,” Solomon shares. “This book encourages hurting wives to bring their pain to God, who can reclaim their souls, and at the same time take decisive actions toward reclaiming their marriages through effective accountability.”In Reclaim Your Marriage, readers will learn how to draw close to the Lord as they address their own sorrows, questions, and temptations. The author encourages women to find a Christian community where they can seek a listening ear and find close friends who will come alongside them and pray for them in this battle. “This book is for every Christian woman. Porn consumption is rampant in the church, so it is likely that every woman in the church is either married to someone who uses porn or is in relationship with a family who is dealing with this issue. This book gives those who need help and those who want to help an opportunity to dialogue about common issues that women who encounter porn in marriage will face,” Solomon explains. “The discussion questions at the end of each chapter equip women to come alongside their friends and dialogue with them through this difficult struggle, even if they haven’t personally experienced the deleterious effects of porn.”Fighting pornography is not something a couple can handle alone. This book and the companion resource for husbands, Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Hurt with Pornography, written by Jenny’s husband, Curtis Solomon, can be used to bring hope and grace into a seemingly impossible situation. These resources can be used in the context of mentoring, counseling, or accountability relationships to give biblical direction and hope in the midst of a difficult struggle.Reclaim Your Marriage includes a foreword by author and biblical counselor Elise Fitzpatrick. “Like Jenny Solomon, I understand the pain of a husband’s use of porn. Jenny’s story is mine as well. And we’re not alone,” Fitzpatrick writes. “Jenny’s willingness to write this book is one of the most courageous acts of love I’ve seen lately. I’m also thankful that Jenny loves the Lord the way she does and that his Word has been a rock and a lamp to her. Her testimony is beautiful.”Reclaim Your Marriage: Grace for Wives Who Have Been Hurt by Pornography
by Jenny Solomon
April 25, 2022 / Retail Price: $16.99
Print ISBN 978-1-64507-227-0
Religion/Christian Ministry/Love & Marriage About the Author Jenny Solomon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion from College of the Ozarks and also attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.Solomon is the author of Reclaim Your Marriage: Grace for Wives Who Have Been Hurt by Pornography, a freelance writer, and guest blogger. She is cofounder, with her husband, Curtis, of Solomon SoulCare based on their desire to apply biblical truth to life’s challenges, trials, and questions. They share God’s wisdom through conference/retreat speaking, training, and writing.Solomon has served as a ministry wife for over a decade and loves connecting God’s Word to the complexities of life.The Solomons and their two sons live in Kentucky. Jenny Solomon can be found on Instagram (@jennysolomon2022). What Others Are Saying “Steeped in the study of Scripture, Jenny Solomon offers comfort and courage for wives harmed by their husband’s use of pornography. Written with the tenderness and earned wisdom of one who knows this suffering, Jenny has given us an invaluable resource for hurting wives, one that seeks to strengthen their faith for the uncertain journey ahead.” 
~ Darby Strickland, Faculty member, The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF); author of Is it Abuse?“There are few books aimed directly at women who struggle with husbands who view pornography. Jenny Solomon adds a much-needed voice to this discussion. Readers will be drawn in through her vulnerability and will deepen their understanding of how Scripture speaks to this issue. Jenny has offered hurting and suffering wives more than just a book—she’s offered them a way forward through the mess of sin to find hope in Christ.”
~ Jonathan D. Holmes, Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling; coauthor of Rescue Plan and Rescue Skills“Curtis and Jenny Solomon have accomplished a unique writing and ministry feat. Their books, written as husband and wife to husbands and wives in the throes of pornography’s sobering devastation provide gentle yet sinewy and personal encouragement and guidance. Reading these books felt like sitting with trustworthy companions for couples who need Christ’s courage and hope regarding repentance and freedom from porn and the pain it brings to marriages.”
~ Ellen Mary Dykas, Director of Women’s Ministry, Harvest USA; author of Sexual Sanity for Women and Toxic Relationships; coauthor of Sexual Faithfulness