More Than a Review doesn’t stop at reviewing a book’s style or story.  We give you the chance to share with fellow book lovers a warning about objectionable material, just the way you’d give a friend a heads-up.

We’ve all been there … we heard that a book had a great plot, but there’s so much vulgarity or other offensive content that it’s hard to enjoy the book. Our site’s unique review system helps prevent that.

When you pass a book on to a friend, you’ll tell her what you’d want to know before you decided to read:

  • “It’s pretty graphic, but there’s no violence.”
  • “It has a steamy cover, but it’s romantic, not vulgar.”
  • “The level of violence made it hard for me to read.”

We still bring you great reviews and let you share your opinions with fellow readers. We also let you grade a book on violence, rough language, sex, and drugs and alcohol. Choosing a book at More Than a Review means you’ll know in advance if a book might be offensive. If you’d rather not encounter graphic sex scenes, you can avoid books that contain them.

Our review and rating system gives you—the reader—the ability to tell others not only what potentially offensive material might be in the book but how much. We all have different levels of sensitivity to certain content and by participating in our unique book review system, you are helping others decide if a book is truly right for them to read.