A Catered St. Patrick's DaySisters Bernie and Libby Simmons work together in their catering business and their shop, A Little Taste of Heaven, with just enough sibling rivalry to keep their dialogue sassy for readers. Bernie’s boyfriend Brandon works in RJ’s, a nearby pub. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, all of them are focused on delectable green things to eat and drink — until Brandon finds a member of the Corned Beef and Cabbage Club upended in a keg of green beer.

This drinking club has gotten a little rowdy in the past, including just the night before at RJ’s, when the victim and Brandon got into a fight. It doesn’t look as bad for Brandon as it might, because there is a more obvious suspect in the Corned Beef and Cabbage Club — a suspect whose aunt offers Bernie and Libby a startling amount of money to find another suspect. With the help of their dad, they set to work, using their inside knowledge of the people and events in the town to track down the real killer.

The Simmons family are down to earth, likeable characters, and the mystery is intriguing. There are funny scenes and quirky characters, but it never goes over the top.

Part of a series, this book is a cozy little mystery set in the fictional small town of  Longley, New York. There are lots of descriptions of food and drink and baking, lots of relationships, and lots of details about small town life. There are even recipes to try for your St. Patrick’s day celebrations.