a_beautiful_heist_ebook2-221x300Cat is a professional thief with a complicated rationalization for why she has to steal that doesn’t quite keep her comfortable with her crimes. Jack is an FBI agent with a family background that leads him to do things he can’t feel good about — and a weakness for Cat that has gotten him in trouble before and might do so again.

They hadn’t expected to meet up again, but here they are, way too involved in a centuries-old plan that has left a trail of death across the world and through generations.

Add a new girlfriend for Jack (yes, Cat and Jack have a history), an old nemesis for Cat, shadowy evil characters, her wacky mom and scandalized dad, plus the complex rules of modern organized crime embodied in a handsome colleague and a kindly mentor, and there’s a lot for Cat to keep up with. On top of that, she’s trying to rise in her career

A Beautiful Heist” is a satisfying caper novel, with lots of twists and turns in the plot and plenty of glamor in the settings and the characters. There’s enough romance and suspense for readers of romantic suspense, but the complexity of the story and the characters lifts it from the genre. It’s a gripping novel and would make a great movie.

You may find your suspension of disbelief challenged by many of the details in the book, but if you can give up any insistence on realism and enjoy the fantasy, you should find this a terrific beach read.