Publishing tips

Writing a book is a difficult but rewarding endeavor, one that a growing number of people are finding the bravery to do. Within the More Than A Review community, we love helping each other find great, clean books.

But we also help authors hone their craft, including encouraging first-time authors to publish that novel they’ve had in their head. One of the most important steps in the book publication process is finding a book publisher.

As many published authors know, finding the right publisher for your book can be complicated and not easy if it is your first publication. We asked our More Than A Review community about how authors went about deciding on a publisher for their book. They gave great advice that we are now sharing with you today.

Here are some of the key considerations when searching for a book publisher:

 Understand the different kinds of publishing options

Authors can choose traditional publishing, self-publishing, and “indie” publishing. As one of our authors put it, all are good, and all get the job done. You just need to choose the best path that will get you on your journey towards publishing your first book, so be sure to research them all.

A quick guide to differentiate the three:

  • Traditional publishing implies approaching a more established, large publisher that will be harder to get a contract with but will have more resources and a wider audience to reach with your book.
  • Indie publishing is working with an existing publisher that is smaller and, well, independent from a major company. Indie publishers often focus on specific genre(s) or have some other niche.
  • Self-publishing is an option that requires that you finance your own publication, but you have full control over the process and royalties.

Research the publisher’s performance record

Look at the publisher’s record. How long have they been in business? How frequently do they publish in a year? How long have they been in business? How well do they promote their clients’ work?

Understand the publishing contract terms

Whether you’re contracting with a publisher or purchasing a self-publishing package, you need to understand what the contract entails. This includes the rights and responsibilities of all parties, and the repercussions It is important to know what you are getting with your chosen publisher. Does the initial fee include editing, cover design, back cover copy, etc., or are there additional fees? You should know what each publisher expects you to pay for out of pocket. Most of the time, however, you should only expect to pay the publisher if you are self-publishing.

Find a publisher with experience publishing your niche

It’s important to find a publisher with experience publishing and promoting your style of book, including genre and content.

For example, many of our authors advised that you find a publisher who is in-line with your standards and ideals. If you choose to exclude profanity and explicit content, then find a publisher who will respect those wishes. Be sure to find a publisher that will not alter your work to include content that you do not approve.

It’s also important to find a publisher that is known for publishing your genre because they will better understand your target audience.

Contact the publisher’s previous clients

When searching for any service provider, it’s common to get testimonials or contact their previous clients to learn more about their experience. If you are unsure about a specific publisher, do not hesitate to reach out to their other published authors. Those authors can talk with you about their experiences with that publisher, which may help you make a final decision.

Seek input from other published authors

As a first-time author, do not be afraid to ask for help. Many seasoned authors that would love to give you input and recommendations; especially authors in the MTAR community.

Always remember, if you are hesitant about a publisher, you should continue looking. Do not settle, simply because you want to hurry the process along. Finding the perfect publisher may take time, but it is important to choose the right one.