There are only 24 hours in a day and when you factor in sleep, household chores and family time (and an out-of-the-house job if you have one) your time for promotion and writing related tasks is very limited. Having a virtual assistant may be just the thing you need to help lighten your load and allow you to focus more on your craft.  Here are just a few things that a virtual assistant can help you with.

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  1. Social media. MANY VA’s are happy to help manage your online author platforms including your Facebook page, Twitter, groups and street team. Allowing a VA to assist with this will free up some time for you and allow you to spend that time on other projects.
  2. Reviews. We all know how important they are but trying to get them can suck HOURS out of your already limited time. This is a good task for a VA. Whether they are emailing review sites and blogs or seeking out readers on places like Goodreads and from your current followers, getting your VA to help with gaining new reviews is tops!
  3. Blog Tours. It seems like such a simple thing, but organizing a blog tour and making sure that the guest posts and tour information is delivered to the appropriate person by the deadline and cause some major stress. Allowing your VA to take over this task will let you focus on the writing of your content and NOT the frantic worry of who to send it to and by when.
  4. Book Signings. Your VA may be able to help you organize in person book signings at local events and venues in your area. Again….this can be a time consuming venture and may be one best left to an assistant who is passionate about YOU as an author.
  5. Convention help. Some VA’s are willing to be Personal Assistants and travel with you to conventions to act as your on site assistant. How AWESOME is that?! Imagine how much help it would be to have an extra set of hands helping you at events?

And these are just a few of the perks to having an assistant.


About Opal:

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Opal Campbell has been a member of the publishing industry since 2008. She currently works for a growing digital first publisher as well as making a variety of video projects for authors and publishers.