In this age of smart phones, social media and Insta-stars, splashy ads are what grab attention. Keeping up with the ever changing cycle on the net is hard, but having a variety of promotional tools in your bag will make it a little easier to make sure people see you. Here are a few reasons why having a video for your newest release….and backlist, isn’t a bad idea.

  1. Easy to share. All it takes is a video file. That’s it. You can upload the file to YouTube and Facebook and your friends and fans can view, share and generally enjoy the fabulousness of your work in trailer form. You can also share the video on Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, your website and blog, Goodreads, Author Central, Twitter, TSU, etc.
  2. Blogs, websites and e-zines are now selling ad space for trailers. Reach more readers with a different form of ad.
  3. Catchy music and moving graphics capture the attention faster than most static images. It’s true. Motion draws the eye faster.
  4. There is a growing community of readers and bibliophiles who seek out book videos as a means of selecting their next favorite read.
  5. There is a growing number of conventions that are now offering video ad spots during events like RT Booklovers Convention and InD’Scribed.

Click here for a sample Video Trailer for the book “Next Door to a Star”!


About Opal:

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Opal Campbell has been a member of the publishing industry since 2008. She currently works for a growing digital first publisher as well as making a variety of video projects for authors and publishers.

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