Rating System

The More Than a Review content rating system is simple.

The Thumbs up or down is your opinion on if you would recommend the book.
The Content Rating bars tell you how much violence, offensive language, sexual content, and drug or alcohol use will be found in the book.
No bars mean no content in that category was found anywhere in the book. If “Language” shows zero stars, for example, then there is no rough language in the book.
The number of increasing bars tells the person reading your book review that there is some content in that category they may not appreciate. Content ratings are in these categories:

  • Sexual Content
  • Violence
  • Crude and profane language
  • Drug and alcohol use

Each person has his or her own level of sensitivity to a given issue and therefore might give a higher or lower rating of bars based on that sensitivity. That’s why we’ve created a guide that outlines what each bar means.

Sexual Content
0/5 None
1/5 Romance is in general or implied to include kissing, hugging, and touching. If sex occurs, it is not described but could be mentioned.
2/5 Some sensuality is described but is more about feeling and less about body parts.  this is only described a couple of times in the whole book.
3/5 Sex acts occur and is described with some details but is not a major focus of book.
4/5 Sex occurs throughout book and is described in more graphic detail and scenes are longer.
5/5 Sex is described graphically, vulgar and detailed and might be considered kinky by some. (Basically, this is a book that you would not give your mom to read)

0/5 N/A: None
1/5 Little actual violence and little description of violence.
2/5 Some violence is acted out or described, but is neither extreme or persistent.
3/5 Intense or persistent violence or description of violent acts.
4/5 Violent acts or disturbing imagery are used pervasively.
5/5 Graphic descriptions of violent acts and torture.

Language (Crude and Profane)
0/5 N/A: None
1/5 Only a couple of instances of crude language are found throughout the book.
2/5 Several crude references or language are found throughout the book.
3/5 Crude but not vulgar language used throughout the book.
4/5 The “F-word” and other profane words used in parts of the book.
5/5 The “F-word” and other profane words are used throughout the book and are a regular part of the dialogue.

Drugs and Alcohol
0/5 N/A: None
1/5 References to drug or alcohol use but little to no description.
2/5 Descriptions of drug/alcohol use are present in the book but are not graphic.
3/5 Moderate use of drugs/alcohol.
4/5 Graphic descriptions of drug/alcohol use mentioned in the book.
5/5 Graphic descriptions of drug/alcohol use are a major theme of the book.