Kim’s passion for the bible jumps out of the interview. Kim Erickson survived a tragedy that no mother should have to experience.  Kim’s deepest desire to help other women discover that the Bible holds such tremendous power for their lives.

Kim shared with me that she remembers the last words she and her son said on what ended up being his last day.  In addition, she remembers what he ate and wore.   She correlates that to Jesus’ last day.  He knew it would be his last day and could be deliberate about what he said.  She relates to what the disciplines may have been thinking the day after he left.  As a result, she has study Jesus’ last words in her bible His Last Words.

If you missed our live interview in Nashville, you can watch the replay here.

His Last Words by Kim Erickson

HIs Last WordsIf you only had a few hours to live, how would you spend it? What would you say to your loved ones? His Last Words studies what Jesus chose to say in His final hours. It is an expository Bible study of the Gospel of John, Chapters 13-17, and the last words of Christ in Chapters 18-21. After Austin died, the last words we shared became such a treasure in my heart.  When I began to study the Bible, I wanted to know the last words Jesus shared with His disciples before He died.  The apostle John captured Jesus’ last words beautifully.  Studying John 13-21 changed my life.

His Last Words is a 7-week study with daily lessons (four daily lessons per week, with the fifth “lesson” being a day to review, reflect, and pray) and discussion questions for small groups.  This study will help women:

  • gain a deeper revelation of the love of God
  • grasp the incredible gift and power of the Holy Spirit
  • understand that God has a deep desire for us to love one another
  • challenge themselves to consider how they are serving others in love

You can order the study via Moody Publishers Women.

You can also order this study on Amazon.


Kim began following Christ after the death of her three-year-old son from strep throat in 2008. Her Kim ericksongrowing relationship with the Lord and her Bible saved her from the pit of grieving the loss of a child. During this time, she also developed a deep, abiding love for the Word of God. Her love of Scripture led her to develop a website and teaching blog to help other women fall in love with the Word of God, Kim also contributed to the book Hopelifter: Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts (2013). She is an attorney who practiced business litigation for thirteen years before becoming a law professor. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and has returned to her passion for teaching. Kim lives in Florida with her husband and son.